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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Boneyards — Detroit Under Ground

Just in time for Halloween, a book about metro Detroit cemeteries
has hit the shelves.
Cemeteries in Pontiac, Clarkston, White Lake and other Oakland
County communities are mentioned in "Boneyards — Detroit Under
Ground," by historian Richard Bak.
The book provides a fascinating look at the history of how metro
Detroit developed and spread out from its earliest origins.
From the earliest burial mounds to today's simple street shrines,
the book reveals how local residents interred their dead and honored
their memory.
Bak explores the cultual and business side of dying, from old-
fashioned home funerals to the grave-robbing resurrectionists of the
nineteenth century.
He even explores the so-called "white flight" from Detroit to the
burbs, when people had the bodies of their loved ones moved out of
Detroit with them.
The book is complete with incredible old photos that tell the
history of our area, from Indians and Chief Pontiac, to auto barons.
It's worth sitting on your coffee table.
It is well worth the read, Halloween or not.
It is published by the Wayne State University Press, 1-800-WSU-READ
or by visiting
— Reviewed by Julie Jacobson Hines

The Young and Restless book signing

Actress Victoria Rowell, formerly of the Young and Restless, will be signing copies of her new books, "Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva" and "The Women Who Raised Me," at the Michigan International Books Festival from 2 to 4 p.m. Friday, Oct. 29 and Saturday, Oct. 30 at Laurel Park Place Mall, 37700 W. Six Mile Road, Livonia. Call Michael at 313-446-2262.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Giant used book sale

The Friends of Farmington Community Library will hold a Giant Book Sale on Saturday November 13 and Sunday November 14 at the Farmington Community Library's Main Branch in Farmington Hills.


The sale will include high quality and gently used hardcover and paperback books for children and adults as well as videos and DVD movies. All proceeds to benefit the Friends of Farmington Library, who in turn provide support for the many library programs offered at both branches.

Look for the sale in the Main Branch during our regular hours: Saturday, Nov. 13 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday, Nov. 14 from 1 p.m. - 5 p.m. 


The main branch is located at 32737 W. 12 Mile Rd., Farmington Hills 48334.

Call 248-553-6880 for more information or visit our website:


Monday, October 25, 2010

West Bloomfield authors "A Gentle Whisper"

A year ago, West Bloomfield authors Joanne Ewald and AnnaMaria Sala were putting the finishing touches on a book about their inspirational journey toward discovering and living their dreams.  

Simultaneously, they were organizing an art fair at their church.  It wasn't until after the show they realized that their book would not be complete without the inspiring story surrounding their involvement with the art show.  

Fast forward to present day when the authors will debut their book, A Gentle Whisper, at the 2ndAnnual Free Spirit Art Fair on Saturday, November 6 at Orchard LakeCommunity Church in Orchard Lake, Mich.

"The Free Spirit Art Fair originally began as a way for us to give back to our church, but the inspiring relationships and experiences we cherished from the show became an intricate part of our story, which shares how faith and friendships helped us find our way," said Ewald.

The book, their art and the art of nearly 30 other Free Spirit artists, communicate uplifting and encouraging messages intended to, as the show's theme implies, lift the soul.

Ceramics artist Susan Gilland, a returning Free Spirit participant, says that out of a dark period in her life came the "enlightenment" to her true purpose of creating art that reinforces positive affirmations.  "I want to reach out to others who are struggling along the way and touch their souls with my story and art," said Gilland.

Stories of hope are told through a variety of mediums at the show including glass, painting, jewelry, metal, mixed media, pottery, fiber and ceramics.

"The atmosphere (of Free Spirit) is warm and inviting, a genuine caring and interest in the heart and soul
behind the art," commented mixed media artist Lisa Jarrell, whose hope is that her art touches hearts and offers encouragement each time it is viewed.

Patrons of the show will also be treated to live entertainment, food, even a children's craft corner, where kids can create while parents shop.   Entertainment lineup includes: The Lincolnshire Woodwind Quintet; Christian pop singer Marvalinn; Pianist Henry Feinberg; and Josh Tuck and the 19th Street Fusion.

 The public show on Saturday is from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.  Admission is $2.

All proceeds for the event support OLCCP's fundraising and mission efforts.

For further information, contact Joanne Ewald at 586.924.8776 or


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pocket-sized history of Michigan guide

LANSING—The Historical Society of Michigan (HSM) announced today the release of a fully revised 5th Edition of its popular "Historic Michigan Travel Guide." Designed to expose readers to the wide variety to heritage travel destinations in the state, the fifth edition contains 30 percent more listings than the publication it replaces. "We've also reduced the guide's price from $9.95 to $6.95," noted HSM Executive Director Larry Wagenaar. "We hope to encourage more people to purchase it and plan a history-themed 'stay-cation' in our state."


First launched in the 1970s, the Historic Michigan Travel Guide is the only publication that promotes travel to Michigan's history museums, historic sites, and related destinations. The biggest museums, such as The Henry Ford, the Mackinac forts, and the Public Museum of Grand Rapids, are included as are small sites such as the Les Cheneaux Historical and Maritime Museums in Cedarville. The pocket-sized publication—measuring 8 inches high by 4 inches wide—lists 300 institutions and attractions in all, organized alphabetically by peninsula.


In turn, each listing contains key information, such as a GPS-ready address, operating hours, admission fees, exhibit and collection highlights, and annual events. Specifics such as the availability of onsite parking and accessibility are also addressed.


Commenting on the comprehensive nature of the publication, former Michigan Governor William Milliken said, "This new edition of the "Historic Michigan Travel Guide" will enable you to fully explore the fascinating story of our Great Lakes State."


Copies of the travel guide will be sold at Meijer, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and independent bookstores and through the Historical Society of Michigan at its website or by calling toll-free (800) 692-1828.


Sponsors include Meijer, the Huizenga Group, and the Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation.


The Historical Society of Michigan, the state's oldest cultural organization, was founded in 1828 by territorial governor Lewis Cass and explorer Henry Schoolcraft.



The Historical Society of Michigan
5815  Executive Dr.
Lansing, MI 48911
Phone: (517) 324-1828
FAX: (517) 324-4370


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

You Will Overcome by Amanda Butler

Local Author helps others to master their fears about the economy & careers so they can achieve success & happiness with new book – You Will Overcome 

Unemployment rates have only slightly dropped in the last couple of months in Michigan and fears continue to increase while hope decreases. According to 19 Aug 2010 article, David Resler, senior economist at Nomura Securities in New York states, "We've had increases (in jobless claims) the last couple of weeks, when most of us thought they would be decreasing. The number of people claiming benefits is now disturbingly high. For those who doubted it will be a long, drawn-out period, they can't doubt it anymore." 

"In a way, the perpetual fear of unemployment can be worse than actually losing a job", says Sarah A. Burgard, associate professor of sociology at University of Michigan in article. "With job loss, the worst is over and you can cope, but for many people, the anticipation of a negative event is worse than the event itself. It has measurable impact on people's psychological well-being."

With hundreds of thousands of men and women across the country having fears about losing their jobs or having lost it, most are concerned for their financial well-being while battling anxiety, depression and inertia. Fear of being thrown out of work is so widespread that equal percentages of higher- and lower-income workers, 47%, worry about losing their jobs. Nearly 71%, say they know someone – a friend or a relative – who has lost a job in the past six months, according to AP-GfK 2009 poll.


Local author and teacher, Amanda Butler knows all too well about this journey because she lived it 12 years ago. With her experience, she has answered the call to help people refocus their lives and achieve new goals regardless of the economy or their situation. As a local Michigan entrepreneur, Butler with others from across the globe joined together to share their journeys of success and triumph over personal and/or career tragedies and challenges in the new book entitled, You Will Overcome. 


In this book, innovator, teacher and developer, Butler tells her story of suddenly leaving the corporate world of over 20 years as a Corporate Executive without a Plan B to undertake transitioning her life into that of True success and vision. She now teaches these transition skills and processes in a series called The Diamond Power Within™ with a system she developed that she utilized to assist her in her own journey – The Diamond Co-Creative System™. This powerful series is designed to heal the past and empower people to build a new and powerful foundation that transforms their lives and futures. 

As a fear buster expert, she also gives a FREE presentation called S.O.S. – Success Of Self that addresses shifting negative situations into new opportunities. The biggest obstacle to success is fear. She introduces to people how to master fears and change them into a driving force of creativity and passion by: 
1. Re-focusing and re-inventing yourself and your life's vision despite what's going on around you and how not be a victim to the economy, career, relationships. 
2. Re-purposing and re-designing your life and career/business based on what you now desire.
3. Creating a new movie script that evokes passion, expansion and success and learning how to just do it regardless of outside pressures, other's expectations or your fears.


In areas where traditional therapies, medicines and training have failed, Butler's methods are revolutionizing men and women's lives here in Michigan and additionally for those nationally and internationally. "I have struggled for so long to find the answers and in the workshop it happened – I have relief finally!" said Jean, Entrepreneur of Ann Arbor. 


Butler says, "People who have worked with me are able to regain control of their lives, relationships and careers. In this economy that is more essential than ever, especially if they are confused due to struggling through some sort of transition … losing their job, retirement, financial, divorce or just plain feeling lost and disconnected as to who they are or what they want to do next."


Amanda Butler is president of Keenawah & Associates, LLC which is an organization is dedicated to Transformation and Empowerment taught through its Diamond Life™ Services and Diamond Power Within™ programs. These are designed to heal, restore and reenergize individuals so they develop happy and fulfilled lives. It has helped hundreds to experience dynamic shifts within themselves and their relationships, careers and lives by being able to move forward in empowered and confident ways through the skills, processes and powerful systems such as The Diamond C-Creative System™ that they learn and implement.
Keenawah & Associates is located within Life Learning Center at 3121 Rochester Rd, Royal Oak, MI 48073. For more information about Keenawah & Associates, call (248) 761-9568 or go to

Monday, October 18, 2010

Royal Oak Author Releases Book Aimed at Hope for Detroit

"Nain Rouge" Wins 2010 Young Voices Foundation Book Award

ROYAL OAK – The City of Detroit faces economic despair
as an urban legendary red devil seeks to destroy it. It will take two young
protagonists to persevere and overcome impending disaster through the power
of positive thinking. Thus is the theme and setting for author Josef
Bastian's new, award-winning book, "Nain Rouge."

Just in time for Halloween, the soon-to-be-released 2nd edition will proudly
feature the 2010 Seal of Approval for Historical Nonfiction for
Juveniles/Young Adults, just awarded by the Young Voices Foundation
–recognizing the book's role in inspiring and educating youth and their

Aimed at young adults, "Nain Rouge" adeptly mixes historical and modern day
fiction with fact, including references to the city's founding French
fathers and early roots to more recent Detroit landmarks – from the Detroit
Institute of Arts and Michigan Fairgrounds to Compuware and Campus Martius.

"This story came to me in 2009 as I very suddenly and unexpectedly joined
the ranks of the unemployed. Ever perceptive, my children immediately picked
up on the fear and despair in our household," says Bastian. "From that
experience, I created a tale centered around two middle schoolers who
acknowledge that bad things can happen to good people – and then resolve to
take control of what seems like an uncontrollable situation. This story
carries a powerful message of self-empowerment and perseverance for all of
us, young and old."

Recognized as a harbinger of doom, the "red dwarf"/antagonist from which the
book takes its name is said to often appear in advance of negative events.
There are, in fact, documented sightings of the Nain Rouge just prior to the
Detroit riots and as recently as the 1970s.  Last Spring, his 300th
anniversary was marked with a Marche du Nain Rouge event in the city.

Northwood Elementary School in Royal Oak is incorporating "Nain Rouge" into
their Michigan History and Life Management curriculums and has also entered
the new edition into its current "Battle of the Books" campaign.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Being a caregiver

By Lynn Alexander, Author of Caregiver Tsunami, Helps People Prepare For the

Challenges of Caregiving

Whether you are caregiver or in a relationship with one, Caregiver Tsunami is for you. This book is a quick, entertaining read based on true life experience and full of helpful information. The author navigates the rough seas of caregiving with sensitivity, practicality, and intelligence with the added touch of magic and humor. This book teaches families and everyone involved with caregiving helpful skills to follow.

Lynn Alexander, President and CEO of Your Aging Well Advisor takes on the increasingly challenging issues of caregiving in this supportive guide. As a former State Commissioner for Services to the Aging in Michigan and former Director of the Michigan Office of Services to the Aging. Lynn Alexander has inspired caregivers for several decades. As a Michigan Cabinet official, she was known for innovative policies that supported caregiver families. 

As a writer for a variety of publications, and a public speaker, she has helped caregivers with everyday struggles. This book is a major step in her desire to provide important information for not only caregivers, but for employers, consumers, providers, communities and public officials all across America.

This fantastic "How To" book can be purchased for yourself or a loved one at To see a short speaking demo from Ms. Alexander  go to To get more information about the book or speaking arrangements contact Lisa Lapides Sawicki at or call 248-399-3311.

Lynn Alexander is known as "Your Aging Well Advisor," an experienced leader and tireless advocate for seniors. Ms. Alexander has served as a Michigan Cabinet Official and State Commissioner for Aging Services. She understands the importance of supporting caregivers. Ms. Alexander has represented a constituency of 1.2 million seniors and has served as a writer and editor for a variety of senior publications.

Under her leadership the Michigan Office of Services to the Aging launched innovative programs including home-based services, the Eden Alternative (quality improvement program for long-term care), and a state-of-the-art interactive website. OSA was the first state agency to be launched under the eMichigan program. Ms. Alexander was instrumental in the development of a highly successful long-term care education for State of Michigan employees. During her tenure the State of Michigan earmarked an unprecedented amount of funding for refurbishing senior centers and adult day care facilities.

Ms. Alexander has dedicated her entire career to promoting quality of life at any age. She has been a Primary, Secondary, Long Distance and Sandwich Generation Caregiver. For more than thirty years she has been a frequently requested speaker for corporations as well as community and civic organizations.

Her lighthearted and entertaining approach appeals to audiences and readers alike. 

Friday, October 8, 2010

Journalist Joe Grimm authors Great Lakes book

The Community House Presents
"Songs of the Great Lakes Sailors"


November 10th marks the 35th anniversary of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Come to The Community House and hear the songs and stories of the sailors who traveled the Great Lakes in the schooner days. A fascinating collection of songs about voyages, Michigan, canals and disasters will take you back.  You'll hear how these songs, almost lost forever, were saved by a professor who scoured lakefront saloons and sailor hangouts to save them. Your guide is Joe Grimm, author of "Windjammers: Songs of the Great Lakes Sailors." Book available for purchase in class (optional).


Tuesday, November 9, 10:00-11:30am, $15


To register, contact The Community House, 380 South Bates Street, Birmingham, 248/644-5832, or online at



Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Waterford author book signings

Darla Jaros, a resident of Waterford Township, will be available to sign copies of her Cookbook, The Kitchen Assistant: Time and Money Saving Tips in the Kitchen.

As a single mom supporting three children, Darla learned the importance of fulfilling her children's preferential tastes with presentation as well as nutrition.  

After collecting recipes and helpful kitchen tips for over thirty years, Darla combined her knowledgeable and tried-and-true basic principles of cooking into this helpful and unique cookbook.  Darla utilizes fresh ingredients and a handful of useful guidelines to cook quick-and-easy meals on a tight budget.  

She is well versed in providing delicious, wholesome, and inexpensive meals while saving time and cleanup in the kitchen.  Darla will teach you which staple items to always keep handy, how to make a meal for the entire family when the cupboards seem bare, and the multiple uses of spices, as well as a weight-management plan.  

Her useful and unique tips will help you successfully prepare for a healthy dining experience while stretching your grocery dollars.  The Kitchen Assistant is sure to become your daily reference guide and a permanent fixture in your family kitchen.

2 to 3 p.m. Monday, Oct. 11 at Borders Express, 4230 Baldwin Rd., Auburn Hills

 and from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 12 at the Highland Township Library, 447 Beach Farm Cir., Highland Township.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Frankenmuth guide

Too often, visitors to some of America's favorite tourist towns are bombarded with promotional information, whether at their hotel or in local guidebooks. Nearly life-long Frankenmuth resident Lynn Marie-Ittner Klammer decided it was time for a change in the popular vacation destination she calls home.

Teaming up with Dirk Vanderwilt, founder of the Tourist Town Guides, a set of 18 travel guides focused on some of America's favorite tourist towns, Klammer created a guide dedicated to honest and independent advice. Entitled Frankenmuth: A Guide to Michigan's Little Bavaria, the guide begins with a friendly introduction and a general area orientation chapter, to inform readers of certain areas in the region. It then continues with personalized sections for the area of focus, including natural sites, Bavarian activities & events, and winter sports as well as the usual "Entertainment," "Dining," and "Attractions."

"I've lived in Frankenmuth for nearly my entire life and an related to the original settlers of the town," says Klammer. "When I came upon the opportunity to work with Mr. Vanderwilt to develop a Frankenmuth guide, I jumped at the chance. This Bavarian Christmas town is a major tourist draw and offers an economical, family-friendly vacation destination. I wanted to share my honest advice with visitors and locals alike who may not know about the historical, natural, and Bavarian-inspired sites available in Frankenmuth."