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Monday, October 18, 2010

Royal Oak Author Releases Book Aimed at Hope for Detroit

"Nain Rouge" Wins 2010 Young Voices Foundation Book Award

ROYAL OAK – The City of Detroit faces economic despair
as an urban legendary red devil seeks to destroy it. It will take two young
protagonists to persevere and overcome impending disaster through the power
of positive thinking. Thus is the theme and setting for author Josef
Bastian's new, award-winning book, "Nain Rouge."

Just in time for Halloween, the soon-to-be-released 2nd edition will proudly
feature the 2010 Seal of Approval for Historical Nonfiction for
Juveniles/Young Adults, just awarded by the Young Voices Foundation
–recognizing the book's role in inspiring and educating youth and their

Aimed at young adults, "Nain Rouge" adeptly mixes historical and modern day
fiction with fact, including references to the city's founding French
fathers and early roots to more recent Detroit landmarks – from the Detroit
Institute of Arts and Michigan Fairgrounds to Compuware and Campus Martius.

"This story came to me in 2009 as I very suddenly and unexpectedly joined
the ranks of the unemployed. Ever perceptive, my children immediately picked
up on the fear and despair in our household," says Bastian. "From that
experience, I created a tale centered around two middle schoolers who
acknowledge that bad things can happen to good people – and then resolve to
take control of what seems like an uncontrollable situation. This story
carries a powerful message of self-empowerment and perseverance for all of
us, young and old."

Recognized as a harbinger of doom, the "red dwarf"/antagonist from which the
book takes its name is said to often appear in advance of negative events.
There are, in fact, documented sightings of the Nain Rouge just prior to the
Detroit riots and as recently as the 1970s.  Last Spring, his 300th
anniversary was marked with a Marche du Nain Rouge event in the city.

Northwood Elementary School in Royal Oak is incorporating "Nain Rouge" into
their Michigan History and Life Management curriculums and has also entered
the new edition into its current "Battle of the Books" campaign.



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