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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lake Orion author signs books this weekend

Local Author Sends Anti-Bullying Message with New Book
 What does it truly mean to be a hero?  
 Is a hero the player who wins the game, or the person who stands up for what he believes is right?
 Just in time for back to school reading , that is the question that local author Andrea Prostko hopes to get young people talking about after reading her thought provoking debut novel titled Strike One! 
 With a target audience of the mid to upper elementary/"tween" age group, the book tells the story of a fifth grade boy who must constantly struggle with the decision to go along with his best friend Jacob, who is a bully, or stand up to him.  Jacob, the bully, targets one specific character constantly, and in the end, circumstances lead the bully needing to turn to his victim for help.
 The story contains important lessons on bullying and choices, and the timing is perfect for back to school.  The author would like it to be used as a tool for both parents and teachers, and has included a reader's club guide at the end of the book to start the discussion.
 This book is a dream come true for the author, Andrea Prostko, who left the corporate world after twenty years to pursue her real dream of becoming a writer.  
 As a mother of two, including a young son, she wanted to write something  they could relate to.  "I wanted it to be something realistic, but something that would also entertain them and provide a valuable message," she commented.
 She also added that she created believable characters that she thinks everyone will identify with, whether they see the traits of the characters in themselves or their classmates.
 "Many children struggle to fit in at school, but in today's world the battle has reached a whole new level.  It breaks my heart that bullying has actually led to suicide – and it's a proven fact that even in minor cases it can cause anxiety, depression and social phobia.  My book can't solve this tremendous problem – but you can bet it will start a much needed conversation among students, teachers and parents."
 Prostko has a business degree from The Ohio State University and an MBA from Wayne State, but has always wanted to be a writer.
 She has spent the past year writing and rewriting her novel and is proud to finally see it in print. 
Strike One! is $13.95 and is available for sale at Barnes &, and at the publisher's website:
 Prostko will sign copies of the book at the Darci Seipke Benefit Fall Festival at Canterbury Village on October 2 and 3 from 10:00am – 5:00pm, and is also available to schedule interviews, signings and presentations to children.


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