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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

You Will Overcome by Amanda Butler

Local Author helps others to master their fears about the economy & careers so they can achieve success & happiness with new book – You Will Overcome 

Unemployment rates have only slightly dropped in the last couple of months in Michigan and fears continue to increase while hope decreases. According to 19 Aug 2010 article, David Resler, senior economist at Nomura Securities in New York states, "We've had increases (in jobless claims) the last couple of weeks, when most of us thought they would be decreasing. The number of people claiming benefits is now disturbingly high. For those who doubted it will be a long, drawn-out period, they can't doubt it anymore." 

"In a way, the perpetual fear of unemployment can be worse than actually losing a job", says Sarah A. Burgard, associate professor of sociology at University of Michigan in article. "With job loss, the worst is over and you can cope, but for many people, the anticipation of a negative event is worse than the event itself. It has measurable impact on people's psychological well-being."

With hundreds of thousands of men and women across the country having fears about losing their jobs or having lost it, most are concerned for their financial well-being while battling anxiety, depression and inertia. Fear of being thrown out of work is so widespread that equal percentages of higher- and lower-income workers, 47%, worry about losing their jobs. Nearly 71%, say they know someone – a friend or a relative – who has lost a job in the past six months, according to AP-GfK 2009 poll.


Local author and teacher, Amanda Butler knows all too well about this journey because she lived it 12 years ago. With her experience, she has answered the call to help people refocus their lives and achieve new goals regardless of the economy or their situation. As a local Michigan entrepreneur, Butler with others from across the globe joined together to share their journeys of success and triumph over personal and/or career tragedies and challenges in the new book entitled, You Will Overcome. 


In this book, innovator, teacher and developer, Butler tells her story of suddenly leaving the corporate world of over 20 years as a Corporate Executive without a Plan B to undertake transitioning her life into that of True success and vision. She now teaches these transition skills and processes in a series called The Diamond Power Within™ with a system she developed that she utilized to assist her in her own journey – The Diamond Co-Creative System™. This powerful series is designed to heal the past and empower people to build a new and powerful foundation that transforms their lives and futures. 

As a fear buster expert, she also gives a FREE presentation called S.O.S. – Success Of Self that addresses shifting negative situations into new opportunities. The biggest obstacle to success is fear. She introduces to people how to master fears and change them into a driving force of creativity and passion by: 
1. Re-focusing and re-inventing yourself and your life's vision despite what's going on around you and how not be a victim to the economy, career, relationships. 
2. Re-purposing and re-designing your life and career/business based on what you now desire.
3. Creating a new movie script that evokes passion, expansion and success and learning how to just do it regardless of outside pressures, other's expectations or your fears.


In areas where traditional therapies, medicines and training have failed, Butler's methods are revolutionizing men and women's lives here in Michigan and additionally for those nationally and internationally. "I have struggled for so long to find the answers and in the workshop it happened – I have relief finally!" said Jean, Entrepreneur of Ann Arbor. 


Butler says, "People who have worked with me are able to regain control of their lives, relationships and careers. In this economy that is more essential than ever, especially if they are confused due to struggling through some sort of transition … losing their job, retirement, financial, divorce or just plain feeling lost and disconnected as to who they are or what they want to do next."


Amanda Butler is president of Keenawah & Associates, LLC which is an organization is dedicated to Transformation and Empowerment taught through its Diamond Life™ Services and Diamond Power Within™ programs. These are designed to heal, restore and reenergize individuals so they develop happy and fulfilled lives. It has helped hundreds to experience dynamic shifts within themselves and their relationships, careers and lives by being able to move forward in empowered and confident ways through the skills, processes and powerful systems such as The Diamond C-Creative System™ that they learn and implement.
Keenawah & Associates is located within Life Learning Center at 3121 Rochester Rd, Royal Oak, MI 48073. For more information about Keenawah & Associates, call (248) 761-9568 or go to


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