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Monday, February 14, 2011

Men's marital challenges

Author Launches First Book in a Men's Survival Series
Don't Give Up! is a book for men searching for
answers to their marital challenges. It's apractical guide to surviving and growing
through a marriage crisis. Inspired by the experiences of men in marital crises, Don't
Give Up! is not another book written by a psychologist or professional marriage
counselor. It draws on the first-hand experiences of men who have been to the edge and


Everywhere in America-from the historic hallways of Washington, D.C., to corporate
offices on Wall Street, to households in Small Town, Oregon-there are men struggling
to figure out what's gone wrong in their marriages. What happened to that glowing bride
who could hardly wait to start calling herself Mrs. Him? These men are discovering that
marriage does not just happen, but that it must be worked at, hard, every day. There is no
autopilot setting. They are more than a little stunned to find out there is much to learn
about women, themselves, and how to identify their purpose in life. They are irritated,
frustrated, angry, and generally unfulfilled in life. Unlike the vast majority of marriage
books, Don't Give Up! gives them permission to feel the pain and frustration in every
day life, with a plan for setting actions into motion that will help them grow in their
relationships -in their marriages and in all areas of life.


Don't Give Up! starts by helping the reader analyze the current state of his marriage and
then teaches him to sit down, listen, andhear his wife, even if he doesn't agree with her.
Until he honestly hears the problem from her point of view, he can't move forward. At
the same time he is striving to understand his wife better, the book encourages the reader
to begin taking baby steps of personal growth in his life. "Begin today," the book
challenges him. "Work through your anger, frustrations, and resentments, and discover a
healthier, more balanced godly life."


About the book:
Don't Give Up! Unexpected Answers to Marital Challengesby Gary Hoffman
ISBN: 978-0984542109
Date of publish: December 2010
Pages: 150
S.R.P.: $12.98


About the author:
Gary Hoffman is a marital crisis survivor and leader of the Men On The Edge Ministry at
Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California. Out of the ashes of his own marital
struggle in 1994, he discovered his life purpose-to educate and mentor men across the
nation who are struggling to understand their role as husbands. For nearly 20 years he has
been leading men's groups of various kinds. Additionally, Hoffman authored Sixteen
Basic Principles for a Separated Man in Marital Crisis, and is publishing Leadership
Secrets to Success for Small Group Leadership-ninety-five suggestions on how to lead,
guide, and grow a ministry team or small group in a healthy manner, available in the
spring of 2011. Gary Hoffman currently speaks at retreats and mentors men in a weekly
support group format at Saddleback Church using material contained in Don't Give Up!



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