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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Having a good relationship with your ex

I Do, Part 2 ... and you can have a good relationship with your ex too!

Rochester Hills mom Karen Buscemi is launching her second book on divorce, I Do, Part Two: How to Survive Divorce, Co-Parent Your Kids and Blend Your Families Without Losing your Mind  on Valentine's Day. 
She chose this release date as she firmly believes that divorced parents who remain civil, work together and avoid bad-mouthing each other are truly showing how much they love their kids.
Buscemi, who has two sons aged 13 and 3, argues that one big happy family — even when that family includes exes, new spouses and multiple kids — can really be a joy. Apart from practical advice on forging a custody agreement both exes can agree on and ensuring consistent parenting styles, Buscemi's book addresses the new reality of life after divorce. She provides information on jumping back into the dating scene, new love and your kid and keeping jealousy to yourself. 
And when it comes to welcoming the new wife or husband, instead of making a negative comment about your exes new partner not interfering, and now having to battle two people instead of one, her advice is to roll out the welcome mat. "Be nice. Smile, shake hands, say, 'Pleased to meet you,' even if you're not," she writes. 
"My hope is for people going through divorce to realize that forging a good relationship with your ex and co-parenting peacefully is not the exception to the rule," says Buscemi. "It takes work, it takes consideration and it takes respect, but little by little, you will see results." 
Her first book, Split In Two: Keeping it Together When Your Parents Live Apart, was published in 2009 (Zest Books). She is also the host of Fashion in Detroit, a two-day annual event show-casing the city's fashion scene, and is also editor of StyleLine Magazine, metro Detroit's guide to fashion, beauty and home. 
Now being recognized as an authority on co-parenting, Buscemi is writing a regular column for the Huffington Post's divorce page. 


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