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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Super Body, Super Brain: Can you have both?

Super Body, Super Brain: The Workout That Does It All
by Michael Gonzalez-Wallace is a breakthrough progressive exercise program that offers
a full-body workout while stimulating your brain. By following this simple workout
regime, not only will your body become lean and fit, but your memory and concentration
will significantly improve. And the best part of all? It can be done almost anywhere,
takes as little as ten minutes a day, and requires no special equipment other than a few
hand weights.


"Even though your brain is not a muscle, you can use your muscles to boost your
brainpower. Each Super Body, Super Brain exercise may seem easy to perform, but the
crucial element is that your brain perceives the exercises as challenging," explains
Michael Gonzalez-Wallace, a performance trainer and athlete. While traditional repetitive
exercises-such as the classic bicep curl-use only limited brain power, these exercises
actively engage several areas in the brain including, the cerebellum (responsible for
balance, coordination, muscle timing, and speech); the basal ganglia (motor-coordinated
movements); the hippocampus (learning new movements); and the frontal lobes (higher
thinking and decision making).


Gonzalez-Wallace developed his program over a period of years, drawing on the work
and input of dozens of neuroscientists, neurokinesiologists, physicians, psychiatrists, and
brain researchers from all over the world, who all support the notion that the right kind of
exercise can indeed improve brainpower.


Part One of Super Body, Super Brain explains the basics behind the brain-muscle
connection, touching on some of the scientific research that explains how exercise and
learning new movements can literally rewire and stimulate our brains. Part Two
introduces the specific exercise circuits that make up the core of the program, including:
the Owl, the Hawk, the Eagle, and the Tiger-exercises that focus on the key elements of
balance, coordination, execution, motion, precision, speed, and strength. Part Three
focuses on nutrition, an important and often overlooked factor in improving brain
function. Michael provides up-to-date information about the best brain foods available
and lays out a complete diet plan, including easy-to-follow recipes, developed with the
help of top nutritionist Olinka Podany.


Additionally, there are quizzes designed to assess your fitness level, balance,
coordination, strength, cardiovascular ability, flexibility, and cognitive skills; general
questions about the exercises, addressing frequency, repetition, duration, expectations,
form and other issues beginners will have, and a special section with unique exercise
routines suitable for the whole family.


"Training is not about fitting into a new dress but about building a strong and resilient
body and a strong and powerful brain," Michael says. "It is about extending your life and
creating a confident, smart, and unstoppable you."


About the book:
Super Body, Super Brain by Michael Gonzalez-Wallace
ISBN: 978-0061945274
Publisher: HarperOne


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