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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oakland University student writes book

Alice Carleton, 64, and a freshman at Oakland University, is a member of the American Legion in Rochester.
 Her book, Sanctuary of the Soul, contains poems of anguish, healing, hope, comfort and celebration.  
 It is endorsed by Elie Wiesel, Wayne Dyer, Nikki Giovanni, Drs. Larry Dossey, Alice Miller, Ellen Langer, et al. is the website.
 The Midwest Book Review states:  "Sanctuary of the Soul is an anthology of brief poems - mostly only one page long--that reflect multiple facets of the human condition.  From the suffering of poverty, war and death to treasuring the hope, joy, and togetherness thta make life worth living.  Sanctuary of the Soul is a beautiful, poignant, and inspirational collection.  Highly recommended, whetehr to lingr upon and contemplate a single poem at a time, or to immerse oneself in the verses all at once, cover to cover."
"Life Lessons Turn Into Award-Winning Poetry" is an article written by the Oakland Post at Oakland University (, written on September 29th, 2010.

A little about the author: She was born and grew up in a little town in Maine, in poverty and abuse, never knowing her father (met him at 33).  She joined the army right out of high school, and married someone who she said abused her for 36 years, followed by divorce and a church that voted her out of membership. She fought the system for 18 months to try and prevent the pastor from counseling any more women, because 2 of the women he counseled were suicidal.


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