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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Former Birmingham resident writes book

Former Birmingham Resident Writes Book

Byron, Illinois - Judi Coltman was raised in a quiet neighborhood located along Adams Rd. between Wattles Rd. and Big Beaver.  A perfectly normal suburban Michigan upbringing coupled with a move to rural Illinois became the impetus for her recently released  book, "Is it Just me? Or is Everyone a Little Nuts!", a humorous look at parenting, marriage, aging and small town living from an suburban point of view. Coltman takes her suburban upbringing and applies it to her small town life resulting in some near to tears moments of laughter. Imbedded in the light moments are some reflective, even soul wrenching, observations reminding us that we are really only human.

Crediting teachers from as far back as fourth grade at Harlan Elementary School, Coltman can pinpoint her love of storytelliing through words to the strong writing programs offered in school when she was in attendance.  "Winning an award  in the Detroit News Writing Contest in high school opened my eyes to the possibilities of writing as a profession," says Coltman, a 1979 graduate of Seaholm, High School.  Prior to writing this book, Coltman wrote for both local and national publications as well as creating a children's newsletter that was distributed in the school district locally.  "I had to work extremely hard to keep my sense of humor in check when writing the serious editorial pieces.  It is a relief to write something that allows me to say what I am really thinking."

Coltman's writing style is a fresh take on humor with influences from the late Erma Bombeck with whom she communicated shortly before Bombeck's death.  Most meaningful was a letter she received from Bombeck's secretary after her death.  It contained words of encouragement that have always stayed with Coltman and became the final kick in the proverbial backside  for "Is it Just Me?  Or is Everyone a Little Nuts!"

"Is It Just Me? Or Is Everyone a Little Nuts!"  has been listed in Amazon's Hot New Releases  and is available online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well as through her own website


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