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Friday, August 27, 2010

Parenting Difficult Adopted Children

From Fear to Love
Parenting Difficult Adopted Children
By B. Bryan Post



Bryan Post announces his newest parenting book, From Fear to Love. This book provides a radical new understanding and highly effective techniques for dealing with behavioral challenges in children. It is intended for parents, foster parents, caregivers and professionals of at-risk, ADD/ADHD, RAD, ODD, adopted/foster children and children with behavioral and emotional challenges.


Mr. Post speaks to parents about the challenges they face when dealing with behaviors
that are often present for adopted children. He helps parents understand the impact of
early life trauma and the impact of interruptions in the attachment process. In his
compassion for parents and children he offers hope and solutions for the challenges
families face.


Many parents of adopted children express their fear not only for their child's present
behaviors, but for what will become of them in the future. Bryan's straightforward, clear-
cut approach has created peace and healing for hundreds of families; families who once
operated in fear, are now experiencing love.



About the book:
From Fear to Love by B. Bryan Post
ISBN: 978-0984080120
Publisher: Post Publishing
Date of publish: March 30, 2010
Pages: 116
S.R.P.: $14.95
About the author:
B. Bryan Post is one of America's foremost child behavior experts. Founder and CEO of
the Post Institute for Family-Centered Therapy based in Virginia Beach, VA. The Post
Institute specializes in working with adults, children and families who struggle with
issues related to early life trauma and the impact of trauma on the development of the
mind body system. A renowned clinician, lecturer, and author of several books, video,
and audio programs, Bryan has traveled throughout the world providing expert treatment
and consultation to a variety of groups. An internationally recognized specialist in the
treatment of emotional and behavioral, he specializes in a holistic family-based treatment
approach that addresses the underlying interactive dynamics of the entire family, a
neurophysiologic process he refers to as, "The secret life of the family."


He holds three degrees in the field of social work: a Bachelors of Social Work degree
from East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma; a Masters of Social Work degree from
the University of Texas at Arlington; and a Doctoral degree in Social Work from
Columbus University School of Public Administration.


Bryan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the states of Virginia and Oklahoma and is
registered to practice within various other states. He lives with his wife Kristi and their 3
daughters in Virginia Beach, VA.



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