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Friday, August 20, 2010

Commerce Twp. author Robert Brown

PublishAmerica is proud to present Hugger – Mugger: A Carlton Winship
Novel by Robert M. Brown of Commerce Township.
Carlton Winship is uncomfortably retired. His former employer went
Chapter 7 and Carlton's pension had been cut drastically. Also, his
retirement portfolio has suffered from the three-year bear market and
his inexpert management of the account. He needs cash.
Lucia Santina works a home-based illegal drug business and is in
trouble with her supplier, MadDog Feldstein. To cover needed money,
she cashes out all her accounts and pulls a stamp collection out of
the safe deposit box. Carlton serendipitously gets between Lucia and
MadDog's collection guys and intercepts the payoff. Money from heaven?
MadDog wants his money, he discovers that it's Carlton who has it and
makes an offer to protect his wife and make money by becoming a
button man.
Who kills who and how Carlton survives to protect his lovely Anna,
takes the reader into a strange world of drugs, dwarfs and the French
Robert M. Brown is in his third career, first as an automotive
engineer and executive, second, an entrepreneur and business owner,
and now a writer. He has written novels, biographies, wedding stories
and some freelance work. He has demonstrated a real talent for
telling stories that engage and entertain.
PublishAmerica is the home of 40,000 talented authors.
PublishAmerica is a traditional publishing company whose primary goal
is to encourage and promote the works of new, previously undiscovered
writers. Like more mainstream publishers, PublishAmerica pays its
authors advances and royalties and makes its books available through
all bookstores. PublishAmerica offers a distinctly personal,
supportive alternative to vanity presses and less accessible publishers.


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