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Friday, June 11, 2010

Boomer humor: Wrinkles, Waistlines, and Wet Pants

A New Book of Boomer Humor created by Jeanne R Kraus
Tamarac, FL - June 7, 2010 - Wrinkles, Waistlines, and Wet Pants takes an irreverent
look at aging. It examines in detail the definitive proof that fifty is not the new thirty, in
spite of current trendsetters that advocate otherwise. Fashion, self-improvement and
social etiquette are thrown out the window in this hilarious book that disregards good
taste and dignity.
Jeanne R Kraus, author, teacher and humorist has teamed up with her sister, Diana
Arneson, illustrator, to produce their first book together. Wrinkles, Waistlines, and Wet
Pants, dedicated to Baby Boomers everywhere offers a light-hearted look at the trials of
Jeanne includes advice for those aging ne'er-do-wells who hope to make it to the pearly
gates eventually. And even though this book claims not to want to change you in any
way, there is something for everyone in Wrinkles, Waistlines and Wet Pants. Even self-
help junkies will be delighted with the three insightful but useless surveys. After all, both
Jeanne and Diana have experienced wrinkles, expanding waistlines, and wet pants.
In the words of the author..
Your outward body is showing signs of wear and tear. Big deal. Inside, you are probably
the same fool you always were. The difference is that now you don't have to care.
About the book:
Wrinkles, Waistlines and Wet Pants by Jeanne Kraus
ISBN: 978-1450200850
Publisher: iUniverse
Date of publish: Feb 3, 2010
Pages: 256
S.R.P.: $19.95
About the author:
Jeanne R Kraus is a reading specialist in a south Florida elementary school. A lifelong
writer, she enjoys writing and publishing poetry for children. Her two children's books
were published by Magination Press. (Cory Stories:A Kid's Book About Living with
ADHD and Annie's Plan: Taking Charge of Schoolwork and Homework)
Her short story "The Invitation" is published in The Ultimate Bird Lover by HCI Press.
Jeanne Kraus is a frequent public speaker/ humorist.


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