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Sunday, May 23, 2010

50th Birthday author visits Royal Oak today at 11 a.m

When your 50th birthday arrives, it’s easy to think that the “prime” of your life has come and gone. Maybe you’ve seen your kids grow up and your career wax and wane – all of which can leave you wondering, “What’s left? What’s next?”

Karen Batchelor, Detroit native, certified professional life coach and leading expert on life after 50, is here to show you that the best is yet to come. Her powerful, new book, “50 Ways To Have An Amazing Life After 50,” is an inspirational, encouraging and supportive collection of common-sense advice, specifically designed to improve and empower the second half of your life.

Batchelor’s philosophy is based around the idea that one’s 50s offer a unique opportunity to move through mid-life crisis symptoms into a whole new life that is even better than the first 50. From family and career advice, to blasting through personal self-esteem issues, Karen offers a fresh new perspective for 50-plus women and men with her book and life coaching programs.

In “50 Ways to Have An Amazing Life After 50,” Batchelor shares stories, experiences and some of her unique brand of coaching for midlife – crisis or not. Her philosophy is that our 50s give us a tremendous opportunity for new beginnings, and this handy guide will provide a lifetime of encouragement and inspiration on how to move through the roadblocks of fear, insecurity and lack of direction.

In addition, Batchelor has introduced one of the first interactive iPhone applications for Baby Boomers, “Amazing@50.” With this app, users will have their own life coach "to go," encouraging them to be themselves, dump their baggage and travel light, tap into their unique strengths and talents, do what they love, dream big and take action, and stress less.

On May 23, 2010 Karen Batchelor, life coach, speaker, author and proud midlife crisis survivor will be at the Bean and Leaf Café in Royal Oak from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. signing books and helping mid-lifers open up to the idea that when you turn 50, the fun has just begun!

About Karen Batchelor

Karen Batchelor is a certified life coach who provides inspiration, encouragement and support to 50-plus women and men. After more than 20 years in corporate and legal careers, she completely reinvented herself after 50 as the premier coach for 50-somethings. Karen combines her diverse and extensive skills with her natural blend of creativity, enthusiasm and humor to help others like her make their 50s the gateway to the best half of life. For more information, visit Karen at and
- Joan Frank


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