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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Reviews on "A Motion for Innocence ... And Justice for All"

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"A Motion for Innocence ... And Justice for All?" by Shaun Webb of Waterford Township is number 11 on the books list under nonfiction.
Based on a true story, Sean and Nikki West are trusted and longtime employees at St. Pauly Parish in Black Pond Township. Little did they know that their lives were about to change.
Sean meets the janitorial team responsible for the cleaning of the school building. David Carowitz, Sara Joan Radison, Bonnie Radison and 15-year-old Blair Radison. When supplies begin disappearing, Sean's allegations of theft initiate a chain of unfortunate events. These people would turn his otherwise happy and quiet existence upside down.
Sean finds himself facing charges of criminal sexual conduct with a girl he hardly knows. Are you really innocent until proven guilty? How do you prove something did not happen when no evidence exists? Can Sean and Nikki overcome the odds that are stacked against them? Will he, with Nikki's help, bring out the truth before it's too late?
This story shines a bright light on false allegations, the legal system and incarceration here in the United States. Is it fair? Is it corrupt? Listen to the story and you decide. All Sean and Nikki seek is the truth. It is their burden, their cross to bear, it is emotional, disturbing and moving.
Author Shaun Webb is a 45-year-old resident of Waterford Township who maintains that he was falsely accused and wrongly convicted of a sex crime in 2005. He wrote this book to illustrate step-by-step of his journey through a cruel and corrupt criminal justice system. From the initial allegation to the trial, jail and aftermath, he tries to capture the incessant efforts of county prosecutors to get a conviction at any cost necessary.
He said that lying, deceit and a poor defense contributed to a perfect storm against me and my family. He also writes about a judge, who he maintains treated him unfairly.
All names and locations have been changed to protect the innocent ... and guilty alike.
Reviews for "A Motion for Innocence ... And Justice for All?"

"This book scared the S**T out of me!" David of Troy

"A scary book. It goes to show how easy it is to be accused of and even convicted for a crime you didn't commit. A very serious and sincere read." Anne-Marie of Commerce

"This well-told story is a harrowing description of one man's journey through our justice system after a vengeful false accusation destroys his previously calm, happy life. It's a nightmare scenario that will make you think twice the next time you read a news story about an arrest or conviction. The trial scenes made me want to scream at the incompetent lawyer and the judge, and make me wonder how many people are currently behind bars because the jury didn't see the whole story. Some of the jail scenes are just as shocking. If even half of the things in this book actually occur in real life, we should all be out protesting our court and prison system right now. Despite all the negatives, the unwavering support of family and friends gets Sean (the lead character) through his ordeal, and provides some lightness to the book. I like how the author varied his narrative - mostly first person, but also court transcripts, newspaper articles, police reports, etc. Good read, page turner, I recommend this book." McB of Raleigh, NC

"This is a book about an ordinary man named Sean whose life is unalterably changed when a school girl accuses him of sexual misconduct. The book is a very personal and raw account of the events that unfold after young Blair reports Sean to the authorities.
"Sean's passion to prove his innocence translates superbly into text. We are right there with him, feeling and living this horrifying and surreal experience. Sean draws us in with his experiential understanding of the injustices of our legal and penal system. We are appalled and enraged. A Motion for Innocence exposes the unbelievable insanity and brutality of a system out of balance. A system that needs and must be changed. Men everywhere should be "up in arms."
What might have been a crippling experience for others, Shaun Webb transforms into a work of art. He pours his heart and soul into this amazing account, which in turn raises awareness and potentiates change. He gives a voice to all those who have been unjustly accused, shunned and judged. Perhaps he gives a voice to those who are guilty as well. Our justice system is shockingly corrupt and inhumane." Vicki of Ferndale

"This is a great read, by a first-time author. The story is compelling and quite frightening to see what happens to a family when one of it's members is unjustly accused. The story is told in a way that makes you feel like you are sitting with him talking over a cup of coffee. I recommend this highly!" Jill of Minneapolis, MN

"I couldn't put the book down once I started reading it. I shed tears of frustration and disbelief as I followed Sean and Nikki through their ordeal. It is just beyond my comprehension how some of the people who are supposed to be making our justice system work are so inept, uncaring and corrupt. I have law enforcement in my family whom I KNOW are good and caring people, who are there to protect the innocent. I pray that the people Sean and Nicki dealt with are definitely the minority ... I pray that Sean and Nikki will someday find the peace in their lives that they deserve." Anonymous Reader

"I haven't been able to put the book down since I got it. Heartwrenching. Terrible how one man's life has been ruined." Joanna of Waterford

A Motion For Innocence deals with the backlash of false allegations levied against someone. It seems to be a pretty serious problem in the USA and this book deals with it in no uncertain terms. It is a work of fiction, but mirrors what it must be like to be falsely accused, convicted and sent through the criminal justice system.. I liked writing it, it was a pretty good read with a little funny, a little sad, and a lot shocking." Shawn of Pittsburgh, Pa



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